Our name

The reason why we choose this name is that there are profound meanings with the combination of these two Chinese characters, which also indicates our main purpose of creating this organization.

For this organization, our main purpose is to provide a platform for people who are fond of and willing to study Chinese politics, pursue sharing opinions and would like to contribute to promote the relationship between Chinese and Italian, which means this organization is extremely dependent from two countries: China and Italy.

So here comes our first meaning : In Chinese, 意(Yì) is the first character of Italy (意大利) in Chinese. 中(zhōng)is the first character of China (中国).   When we combine these two characters to a word, it shows the tight connection of the friendship between Italy and China.

If we just simply see “意中”as a Chinese word besides the meaning from country’s view, it is also a generally used Chinese word meaning “ideal and loved thing in someone’s mind”, which also reveals that we really hope the beautiful moments between these two countries are able to be loved by you. Last but not least, we can also see these two characters separately. 意(yì)can be an isolated word meaning “think” and “recall”.

As we mentioned before, 中(zhōng)means China.  So we are able to obtain another optimal meaning: think and care about china, which shows the initiative of our organization.